CNC Rotary Table NRT-B251R/B321RV/NRT-B401RV

Model ID:NRT-B251R/B321RV/NRT-B401RV
◆Manufacturing Techniques: Compared with conventional multi-toothed machine, the single-toothed worm wheel with high techniques can assure better quality.
◆Material of worm: ALBC4. The hardness is HRB180, making the product durable and prolonging the time of backlash occurrence.
◆CNC Rotary Table is built with accurate“ Dual lead worm gear system,” and the tooth profile outline has been improved, increasing teeth-meshing ratio. Backlash can be adjusted easily, and Rotary Table can keep high accuracy even after long-term using.
Revolved portion of spindle taper adopts Rolling Cone Bearing to ensure the stability of rotating center.
The minimum indexing degree is 0.001°, which is commonly used in spiral cutting, cutting tools manufacture, cam and aerospace industry.